St. Tammany Parish Communications District 9-1-1 Dispatch Center

Public Safety

St. Tammany Parish’s new, 16,000 square
foot PSAP co-locates and consolidates
the 9-1-1 Dispatch capabilities of eight
entities serving this 900 square mile
parish. The initial build-out anticipates
the implementation of 28 dispatch/calltaking
consoles with additional room and
infrastructure for 8 future consoles. The
Data Center, Dispatch Floor, Supervisor and
support space allocations are designed
to accommodate the ultimate build-out.

The hardened facility can withstand
hurricane force winds, while providing a
healthy and attractive work environment.
Glazing for essential service components is
arranged in narrow bands and slots, while
affording hurricane protection and allowing
daylight to enter the dispatch, support
and administrative areas. A high level of
redundancy and resiliency is provided with a
trio of emergency generators affording power
during hurricane events, complemented
with redundant UPS, water, waste and HVAC
systems. A secure parking lot accommodates
employee parking for 70 staff members and
is supplemented by visitor/administrative
parking for 20 vehicles. Blast and ballistic
mitigation strategies were devised based
upon threat analyses prepared for the
specific location and site characteristics.

With the multitude of stakeholders, the
Data Center was configured for security
at the cabinet level (with access limited
to individual stakeholders) and within
the Center via wire-mesh partitioning.