ADOT San Luis Port-of-Entry and Emergency Operations Center

Public Safety

The San Luis Port-of-Entry (POE) is situated on 12-acre site south of Yuma, Arizona that serves as an inspection station for trucks crossing the Mexico/Arizona border. The facility is a model of environmental compatibility with its deep overhangs and super-insulated envelope. Glazing and skylights are strategically placed to maximize daylighting within the building while minimizing solar gain. The port provides administrative and inspection space for Arizona Department of Transportation’s Enforcement Division and serves as the backup PSAP for the area. The traffic circulation and site design required integration with the adjacent Federal Port Facility and Commercial Industrial Park. Soaring parking canopies over the trucks and cars mitigate intense summer heat. Vegetation, low irrigation plants and decomposed granite placed near the building entrances diminish heat gain. Sustainable and recycled materials are incorporated in the building’s walls, floor and roof deck, as well as the furniture and fixtures.