ADOT Douglas Port-of-Entry and Emergency Operations Center

Public Safety


Located on a 10.7-acre site on the southeast corner of the Arizona along SR80, the Douglas Port-of-Entry (POE) is a new administrative and inspection facility for the Enforcement Compliance Division (ECD) of ADOT and serves as the backup PSAP for the area. The Inspection Building is a sculptural composition that is both striking and simplistic. It is used to inspect truck traffic that crosses Arizona’s international border and includes two truck inspection bays (with retractable pit covers, underground exhaust ducts and roof-mounted exhaust fans), eight inspector stations and various support spaces. Dramatic overhangs cantilever at the entry and exit to the inspection bays, generating a distinctive and functional silhouette that is framed by the Chiricahua Mountains in the distance. The Administration Building is functional and complementary to the inspection facilities. It includes: Lieutenant’s and Sergeants’ offices, customer service area, a training/back-up PSAP room, interview room, and support space.