City of Phoenix Corona Service Yard

Administration & Maintenance

The Corona Service Yard provides administrative, warehouse and support space for City of Phoenix Water Distribution personnel and Waste Water Collections staff. The building is configured with its long axis in the east-west direction, allowing shaded clerestory glazing to be integrated into its south façade. Daylight is reflected and diffused off ceiling surfaces and penetrates deep into the building. This reduces power usage while minimizing glare and heat gain. These clerestory windows are supplemented with strategically placed skylights that introduce natural lighting at the building’s storage and locker room spaces. Maintenance and storage components include wash rack/high pressure water cleaning bays, Vaccon dump basin and wash-out area, cast-in-place concrete storage basins, storage racks, and warehouse with mezzanine. The administrative building houses supervisory staff. Staging and parking space is provided for 70 vehicles on the three-acre site. LEED™ Silver Certification was achieved.